about Ben: Magic Beard video

"Magic Beard" is a viral video I made of my extra-large beard that has since been viewed more than 4-million times. The Huffingon Post, Gawker, Slate, Mashable, CNN, Good Morning America and many others featured the short flick. Japanese and German TV stations interviewed me and I'm continuing to get media inquiries and random emails from around the world. The power of the beard! 


Some of my favorite comments: 

There are thousands of comments, here are some of my favorites (Starting off something more middle of the road) 

“TheChoaticOne”: Take a fucking sledgehammer to your kneecaps you little piece of fucking shit. 

Eva Hunt: This is magical. You are magical. Did you go to hogwarts? Did u study magic? I’m high. Literally. Fuckin serious man 

Karroñero Drakensang: you is a person more stupid in the world 

LathanCroweTV: This reminded me a lot of 1910 Coney Island Nickelodeons. I miss those days, frolicing on the pier before heading to Oxford. That is where I met Sara, the Bear, and we made love. 

Robert: im always amazed how motherfuckers can grow a thick ass full beard but be bald as shit on top of they head. 

Dale Strickland: At first I found this creative and amazing… then at the end I absolutely lost my shit and actually laughed uproariously. I so rarely do that, I startled myself. Thank you, sir. 

75longbeard: Why did you cut your manliness off? that girly face didn’t look good! 

toomanysharks: what the fuck man you could have ended world hunger 

(Dozens of comments like this that amused me and my wife, the ‘boy’ in the background…) 

MaGalolk: 1:27 a boy with a camera appears. 

Mom Fears My Music: I hope that douche who ruined the shot with his camera got nut-punched for being such a spunk trumpet 

BringMehSomeWater: You are an embarrassment to gay men everywhere 

Роберт Байрамов: Хуй бородатый! потратил 2 минуты своей жизни,из за гандона! Fuck You! 

Anthony Bowman: Is there a beard club or gathering in St. Louis? 

Basile Provost: I’m so sorry that you lost your job, dude. 

TheRebelEye: This reminds me to shave my ass. 

smilezx43: Dafuq I just watch 

(feel a little bad putting this comment next to all this profanity) 

Anco Andrede: as long as you repented to our lord and savior jesus christ you can keep making these videos but take some time out for jesus christ you owe it to him Ben 

Imasnackbar Mamono: I bet this Guys’ Pubic Hair is as Stiff and Course as his Beard Hair 

In fairness, I grabbed only comments that made me laugh–they aren’t representative. Most were along the lines of “that was awesome!” or “so cool!” Or this one, my favorite: 

kitchenista: My 4 & 6 year old were so excited about this they wanted their dad to try and make his own. It isn’t nearly as good as yours, but was our first attempt at making our own time lapse video. Thanks for the good laughs this afternoon and the inspiration for a fun family project.